Order a Reading

What is a Tarot Reading from me?

In an ideal (i.e., non-virtual) situation, a tarot reading is two people sharing a meaningful, guided conversation through the medium of the cards. In this case, I will take the information that you give me in your email, and I will shuffle, lay, and interpret the cards for you. I will write down my impressions and feelings based on the cards and their position in relation to the issue at hand, and I will then e-mail pictures of the spread or spreads to you along with my response.

For the best experience, I would ask that you do the following things:

Choose Your Deck.

Choose Your Significator.

Ask Your Question

Simply fill out the blanks below…

Then, of course, step over to the last page, and check out. You should expect to receive your reading within two weeks, but I will do my best to get these back to you in a timely fashion.

If you would like to give a gift to a friend…

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