Why “Tarot King of Mississippi”?


Obviously, why not? I enjoy the bravado of it, and to my knowledge, the title has not been claimed, so again, why not? It is akin to claiming that one is the tailor of the Emperor’s New Clothes, for the tarot underground in Mississippi is practically non-existent and in no small measure for legitimate fear of personal and social reprisals associated with being a member of a minority practice, if not belief. So, yes, “Tarot King of Mississippi,” the ruler of an almost invisible kingdom of shadows and whispers found within that lovely landmass between New Orleans and Mobile.

In answer to the question “What or who am I?” I will say this: I am a (let’s say) slightly overweight mostly-European-descended man in his mid-forties with maddeningly thin hair, married for over two decades, who has with his beloved wife produced some “chirren” (that’s a Southernism for young’uns). As future blog posts will no doubt attest, I am also involved in education, or what passes for it around here.

The one thing I think everyone needs to know is this: I am still not quite sure why I am doing this.  I have enjoyed the blogs of others, especially when they are well written or interesting, and I hope that my writings/rantings may perhaps amuse a certain populace, but at its core, my desire here is to collect and organize thoughts about myself, my beliefs, my family, my history, and my state, and what all that means after four decades living under the shadow of the rodeo-large Buckle of the Bible Belt…if it means anything. And of course, Tarot…you know, “them fortune teller cards.”  Perhaps I really just want to work out years of bitter cynicism to a wider audience. My Libran nature abhors conflict, so I will be as honest as diplomatically possible while splashing about the puddles of profundity that my fellow statesmen fear to be oceans.

I stand behind everything that I write until I change my mind.


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